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Aos BR: estou criando esta página em inglês para facilitar a divulgação do mapa para gringos; não se preocupe que nada mudou, o site continua funcionando da mesma forma

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Savoy City is a fictional city based on Sao Paulo. Lots of narrow lanes, some bad places to drive (like Sao Paulo rush hour!)… It’s currently in BETA. This map starts with Grundorf and have more connections with other parts of the big city. The best line is 351, but there’s more good lines, like 712, 393 and 210 (this is a good night route).

Download latest version here: (easy to find the link :P)

I recommend you to activate arrow helpers (Alt key, click the yellow arrow icon). If you will add a new bus, make sure you copy savoy.hof from Vehicles/Man… to your new bus directory; otherwise IBIS routes won’t work.

At Add new bus screen you can select one from so many places… They’re auto suggestive, like Line XXX – IBIS: XXX00, routes 01 and 02. To start I recommend lines 35100 (routes 01 and 02), 71200 (01 and 02), and 30900 (01 and 02). 309 starts at Grundorf, but 712 starts at a new area of the city. 351 starts at Grundorf with 309, but goes far away in new Savoy city streets.

Some lines are not good for player to drive (like 76, 322, etc), they are there just to give more life to that city.

– Start at lines 712, 309 or… The best I like, 351.
– Make sure you set priorities for lines to max (4, in OMSI options)
– If you will upgrade the map, please, REMOVE maps/Savoy directory before pasting new files there.

All the addons needed are included with Savoy city package.

You may share this map anywhere you want, but please, do not modify it.

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